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Museums in Kazakhstan

13-12-2015, 17:20
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Museums in KazakhstanАғылшын пәні мұғалімі 
Валиева Галина Павловна
№21 жалпы білім беретін орта
мектебі КММ

Museums in Kazakhstan

8th form
The educational aims: to use information on the theme « Museums in Kazakhstan» obtained in History and Kazakh Literature lessons.
- to learn poem about Eagle
- to recycle the vocabulary on the given theme.
The developing aim: to develop pupils’ abilities in oral speech and reading.
Inter-subject connection: History, Kazakh Literature, Music. 
The type of the lesson: New technological way of teaching.
The form of the lesson: Excursion lesson
Equipment: pictures of museums, a tape-recorder, the interactive- board.
Procedure of the lesson.
1. Organization moment. Teacher’s conversation with a pupil on duty (T-Cl. T-P1,P2,P3)
2. Checking up the homework. The poem «The ships» 
3. Brainstorming
1. Have you ever been in Museum?
2. What have you seen there?
3. What Museums in Kazakhstan do you know?
4. What Museums would you recommend to visit?

4. Preparation for the new words.
We’ll learn the new words and practice their pronunciation (in chorus and individually). Geology –геология
Academy of sciences- ғылыми Академиясы; Академия науки
Natural – табиғи, нақты, еркін ұстайтын, природный.

Tour-сапар, саяхат, путешествие
Eagle- бүркіт, орел
Jewelry- драгоценности
Unforgettable- незабываемый
5. Reading and learning the poem «Eagles»
Eagles strike
And eagles seize.
Eagles fly
Whenever they please.
They catch the wind
And high the fly.
They reach for life
And reach for more.

Teacher: What do you know about eagles?
Are eagles strong or weak birds?
Where do they usually live?
What do eagle symbolize?
6. Making a scheme
Teacher: We’ll make a scheme « Museums in Kazakhstan». (one of the pupils makes a scheme on the interactive board according to pupil’s reading).
Museums in Kazakhstan

Zhambyl Zhabayev The State Book Museum
Literary Museum

State Museum of Popular Central state Museum
Musical Instruments in Kazakhstan

Kasteev’s Museum Geology Museum of the
of Arts Academy of Science
7a) Reading the information.

Reader 1: Central state Museum in Kazakhstan was founded in 1931 and now it is one of the landmarks of Almaty.
Reader 2: Zhambyl Zhabayev Literary Museum
Was established in 1947 to demonstrative visitors the literary heritage of the famous Kazakh akyn.
Reader 3: Geology Museum of the Academy of Science demonstrates collections of natural underground resource and stones of Kazakhstan.
Reader 4: Kazakh musical instruments have been collected in the State Museum of Popular Musical Instruments from all regions of Kazakhstan.
Reader 5: Kasteev’s Museum of Arts, founded in 1935 as the national Art Gallery of Kazakhstan, attracts many visitors.
Reader 6: The State Book Museum in Almaty was founded in 1977 it’s exhibition shows the history of Kazakh writing and book printing as well as the Modern publications in Kazakhstan.
b) Teacher: Thank you for your interesting information. Now, I’ll show you slides.
8. Speaking
Teacher: And now who wants to speak on the following sayings:
A good book is the best of friend, the same today and forever (Martin F.Tupper)

Choose a book as you choose a friend (proverb)

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